Can Someone Hack My Facebook Account

If you use Facebook regularly then you probably have thought whether it is possible to hack my Facebook account or not. On the other hand, many people think about hacking other people’s Facebook accounts and both of these things are very possible as there are several techniques that can help someone to hack Facebook account. Let’s talk about them one by one.

Malicious Code

That is one of the most common way hackers use to hack websites and accounts but it is not common when it comes to Facebook accounts because it needs lots of efforts and skills to develop a malicious code to hack an account and hackers prefer banks accounts and other accounts with important information or data.

Key logger

Can someone hack my Facebook account using key logger? Yes he can. Key logger is an old trick people use to get raw data and then they get useful information from that pile of junk. Gladly most of the widely used mobile operating systems including iOS and Android are not very open to the idea of key loggers and it is quite hard to install a key logger remotely but it is possible.

Monitoring Apps

People all over the globe use monitoring apps like mSpy to monitor and track activities of their kids and employees to protect their kids from cyber threats and their businesses from data breach. Obviously these monitoring apps are very effective and they monitor every move on the target device. So, can someone hack my Facebook account using mSpy? Yes, but he needs physical access to your smartphone or tablet for few minutes to install mSpy and after that he can control and configure mSpy and its features remotely with the help of web portal.

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