Do You Need to Monitor Facebook Activity of Your Employees?

In the present era competition and rivalry is seen in every field of life and needs to be dealt with in the proper and efficient manner so to prevent the spreading of immoral and devious actions in the society. A major reason for such enmity is the disloyal attitude of employees towards their managing teams and firms. In order to prevent any deceitful activities or hypocritical standards by the employees of your company you need to keep a check on their activities over all social media and sites so to remain informed if they commit any action like leaking of secret data of your firm.

How to monitor facebook?

A number of cell phone spying softwares are available in the market, which are apt to monitor the facebook activity of anyone on mobile of all types; android phones or iphones with or without jail-break. These spy applications are the most reliable and proficient means of intercepting all the data being shared through the social application, facebook. Text messages sent, received along with pictures, videos and stickers of all kinds can be traced using these spying facebook applications. Also you can keep a record of the call log made using the newly introduced feature in the social site of making live calls online.

How to install the spy application?

The application can be downloaded easily from the play store of the cell phone and installed as per instructions sent on the email provided. Continuous update of the data being used and created via facebook is available. After searching for the perfect facebook spy application you need to purchase and download it. Set up your own secure folder on dashboard which can be accessed by you from any electronic device in use with your password logged in.

Once the setup is complete on the cell phone to be monitored the spy application starts its work and simply transfer all the content it surveys, is being created online on the social site facebook of the tracked mobile, to the folder which is under your control to view the complete data at our leisure, whenever and from wherever you wish to.

How does the spy application work?

The facebook tracking application works on a stealth mode in the background without the user of the monitored phone being notified at all of its presence and data saving process.
Every minute activity created using the monitored gadget is recorded and saved in the folder so for you to view it when you log in the account online.

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