Facebook emotions tracking system and its integration consequences

The largest social network of the planet is preparing a new technological and marketing revolution in one bottle. Recently, Facebook has registered in the patent office the right to technology, which will be a new stage in the evolution of the concept of contextual advertising.

What is it?

The image of the future from the fantastic films of the past continues to become a reality. Thank you, the Facebook team, for this. We need just to figure out whether to be happy or not. Today’s contextual advertising is an algorithm that collects information about text search queries and user-viewed pages, purchased products and ordered services. Based on the received data, the person then sees similar announcements during the Internet presence. Thus, the advertiser shows his ads only to a potentially interested audience. There is a mechanism for reducing marketing costs with increasing response. Facebook suggests moving further in the context mechanism. The new technology is designed to read emotions from the person’s face to offer based on this advertising. According to the idea, emotions produce a better context than the written text.

How it works?

Generally speaking, the mechanism will determine the emotional state of a person according to his lips or eyes position, as well as its movement in dynamics. If the system identifies positive response about things displayed on the screen of a mobile device or computer, it continues to demonstrate things, relevant to the content. The mechanism will be implemented by connecting to user’s device (phone camera or web camera) to collect data via visual contact in a real time mode. Subsequently, the mechanism will also take into account the parameters (strength, duration) of keystrokes by the user to determine his emotional state more accurately. Information will be collected both in relation to audiovisual content and semantic (news, articles).

What does it provide?

The answer is clear: new horizons of Internet marketing, where the seller will find the biggest amounts of audience easier and the buyer will receive the best offer he needs here and now immediately. In theory, certain display ads can be set up for certain emotions. But you do not all seem clean and innocent now, at the stage of a simple concept declaration, right? This ideal marketing idea immediately reveals a negative and obvious to all ethical side.

What we need afraid of?

Facebook gets full access to user’s camera with the ability to watch it at any time. The word “observe” in this case is better replaced by the word “spy”. This is a wild invasion of a person’s personal space, which cannot be justified by marketing goals. Hack Facebook inbox, hack your emotions… What’s next? And nothing would be terrible in the very idea, but Facebook has already managed to spoil its reputation with reports about spying on users and possible cooperation with government agencies to drain personal data. They can hack someone’s Facebook, yeah. There are many examples of this, let us cite one of them. Facebook 2018

Why we don’t need to start panic right now?

It is not known for certain whether the technology exists in reality. In reality, it is fixed by a patent, which can only be a concept. Patent registration means only the right to technology, and this Facebook’s step, first of all, is a step forward in the hi-tech race. Proprietary technology sometimes cannot be trivialized, or lost its relevance over time, or released, but in a couple of decades. Or also it may be born right now, but this is a relatively small probability. That is, there is no real, publicly working mechanism today in accordance to, for example, available to all Facebook messenger spy apps. Experts, however, note that implementing this technology by today’s opportunities is almost unrealistic or extremely difficult. And it can also face the legal field of a number of countries where Facebook has a large audience. So far there is no reason for immediate concern, but the fact of the event will be kept in close attention. In the end, a similar problem of hack Facebook inbox is real. Today there is an opportunity to freely use Facebook messenger spy app.