Is Facebook Safe for your Teen?

Facebook is a name which almost everyone in the world is familiar with today. From the invite-only start to being one of the most used sites today, Facebook has made its own name in the world of digital media in just a few years.

Of course, that means that every teenager is now going to be part of this online world. And with the internet come threats and dangers that young people don’t quite understand. So the question is whether Facebook is safe for teens or not.

As Safe As You Make It

The best way to answer the question is to say that Facebook is as safe as your teen makes it. There are a lot of privacy settings that users can tweak, which is a very hard chore at times because of their sheer number and the various ways someone might be able to contact you or see your profile. That is one reason why teens are usually being bullied over Facebook or being approached by online predators. This puts their personal data and media at risk of exposure, which can lead to problems like identity theft as well as cyberbullying.

Ask them to Review their Posts

Another thing that makes Facebook unsafe for teens is that they let out every feeling of theirs in front of the whole world. Status updates stating that a teen is sick of his family or that a high school student is heartbroken can reach out to people you don’t want to be in contact with, and that can lead to some issues as well.

Monitory their Activities

The best way for many parents to make sure their children are safe on Facebook is to use a monitoring app to see what they are posting and who they are engaging with on the site. In this world of digital media dominance, it falls to the parents to make sure their children are out of any potential threats, and spy apps can help you do that.

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