Should you Track Facebook Messages of your Child

One of the biggest dilemmas a parent has to face in today’s world is whether to trust their children with a smartphone or not. It is not merely a question of trust either, but rather a consideration of whether your children will be smart enough to understand the various threats that lurk in the shadows of social platforms like Facebook.

The Dark Side of Facebook

Facebook is ridden with online predators that are waiting for a young child to make a mistake that they can misuse. Children get carried away with the possibilities of Facebook and start posting very personal emotions and pictures online without having any privacy settings to protect their data. Many children can be contacted by predators and online bullies over Facebook messages, if their profiles are kept public. This can lead to harmful friendships or very bad experiences. They can be asked to share private pictures or other media, and they agree to that in the name of ‘friendship’.

Monitor their Inbox

This is where the parents start to think that they need to get into their children’s Facebook inbox. The best way to do this is to use a spy app that can work discreetly on the child’s phone or computer and provide all the data to you via an online account. You can finally see for yourself what your child is posting on Facebook, who he or she is friends with, and whether they are being contacted by someone suspicious through their inbox.

Act Before It’s Too Late

Monitoring your child’s Facebook activities will help you decide when you need to act in order to keep them safe. You can have a talk with your children and make them aware of Facebook’s privacy settings or tell them not to engage with strangers. Using a spy app may seem a little extreme to some, but it’s better to act before your child experiences something that will affect them for years to come.

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