Simple Ways Your Facebook Account Can Be Hacked

As time progresses, so does the way in which people do different things. In our lives, technology has made a huge difference to how we go about our daily business. From simple things like going from one place to another to more complicated ones like making energy, everything has been affected by modern technology in a mostly positive way. Another aspect of our lives that has completely been revolutionized this way is communication. Today, smartphones have taken the charge when it comes to staying connected with friends. Apps like Facebook have made it possible for us to stay in a constant connection with people we love. Facebook, in particular, has made its own place in the world of social networking, and almost everyone with an internet connection knows what it is.

Be Social, Not Reckless

With all the possibilities Facebook opens up to its users, it’s easy to get pulled into the excitement and forget about one’s own safety. While people love to share everything about their everyday life, they forget that not everyone who is looking at their daily activities may be a friend. There have been many instances where people have used someone’s Facebook profile to hurt them. Think about how easy it will be for someone who wants to rob your place to know when you go out for your daily job, or when you ‘check-in’ to a party. And if that wasn’t enough, Facebook’s security flaws actually allow people to hack into someone’s account fairly easily. Here are some ways people can get into your Facebook profile without you knowing.

The ‘Reset Password’ Option:

Possibly the easiest way to hack into a person’s Facebook account is to use Facebook’s own option to reset password. All you need is the target’s email address associated with their Facebook account, and you’re halfway there. Simply enter the friend’s email address and click on the option to recover the password. Facebook will then ask if you want to have the new password sent to the linked email address. This is problematic, of course, but Facebook even allows you to select a different email address for this, ultimately making it easier for hackers to steal your account. Using this option, you can have Facebook send you a new password to your own email address. Before this, however, you will be supposed to answer the target’s security question. If you have the answer to this, you’re done. If you don’t you can ask Facebook to send verification codes to 3 of the target’s Facebook friends, after which you will have access to their profile.

Tracking Keystrokes:

Another way someone close to you can hack into your Facebook account is by tracking your keystrokes. There are software programs and hardware devices that can allow someone to record everything you type into your computer, including your Facebook credentials. The software option is much easier here, as it requires physical access to the computer just once.

Plain Old Trickery, or ‘Phishing’:

Phishing, while one of the most extensive ways to steal someone’s private information, is also one of the most effective. A phisher will, essentially, create a fake Facebook login page with their own web hosting account, and somehow lure you to it. This is mostly done via emails, and the users are told to log into this page. The phisher can then see whatever you type on that page, and hence steal your account information.

PC and Smartphone Spy Programs:

While there are many other ways to spy on someone’s Facebook activities, none are possibly as simple as using a spy app. These programs allow users to track anyone’s smartphone or computer remotely. All you need is a one-time access to the target device to install the spyware, and you will be sent all the required Facebook data you need through an online account. mSpy is such an app. It not only allows you to monitor on someone’s calls and text messages but also gives you complete access to their Facebook profile and messages. This is one of the simplest ways to track someone’s Facebook profile, and apps like mSpy make it one of the easiest ways too.

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