Why You Can’t Protect Your Children Without Monitoring Their Facebook

As a parent if you have concerns about your kids’ safety, online activities and habits then you are not alone as millions of other parents all over the globe find themselves in the similar situation. Working parents cannot possibly keep an eye on their kids’ activities and knowing their online activities in quite impossible as almost every kid owns smartphone, tablet or personal computer. Kids use social media websites like Facebook and Snapchat that offer them freedom to talk to anyone.

This seems like a good thing as kids can connect with their friends on the internet but it also exposes them to cyber threats like cyber bullying. Additionally, strangers can connect with kids as there is no systematic way to prevent kids from interacting with strangers on these websites. Without monitoring kids’ online activities like Facebook messages, it is impossible to keep an eye on them and save them from online threats.

How to install and use monitoring app?

Monitoring and spy apps are compatible with major mobile operating systems including Android and iOS. You must have the target device on you to install the monitoring app on it as it is not possible to install and initialize the app remotely. The installation and initialization only takes few minutes and after than you don’t need physical access to the device any more because the company provides web portal and credentials so you can login to the secure login. That web portal is like a command center so you can configure and control the target device from there.

You can enable and disable different features and options of the monitoring app from the web portal. For example if you only want to track Facebook activities and want to access Facebook messages on the target device then you can turn this feature on from the web portal and disable other features.

Although every monitoring and spy app has different set of feature yet some of the options and features are common that include message monitoring, email monitoring, social media monitoring like getting your hands to Facebook messages, IM monitoring GPS tracking and many other features. GPS tracking feature in particular has many advantages as it tells the exact geographical location of the target device in real time so you can see where you kids are at this very moment.

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